Point Spreads & Over Unders for Upcoming NBA Games

This is the page where you can see the latest point spreads, money lines, and totals for all of tonight's games. It's important to compare numbers across different books, because each half point can make the difference between a win and a tie or a push and a loss. Just use the drop down to switch between spreads, totals, and moneylines, or to check out the current odds for other sports. You can also use the state dropdown on the right to filter by the books available in your area!

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Money Lines for Tonight & Tomorrow

With money lines you take out the point spread and bet on a team to win straight up. Betting on favorites will cost you more upfront, while betting on underdogs allows you to bet less for a bigger payout. This can be a great option when you think an underdog will win outright, or if you feel confident a favorite will win but might have trouble covering the point spread.

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This page provides all the NBA betting lines for today’s card. It will also show any games that have betting lines published for tomorrow.

The standard view lists the point spread of the favorite and the total for that matchup. You can also note the start time and rotation number so you don’t forget to place your wager before tip-off.

We also list out the games with the money lines and totals so you can see those types of lines easier.

The latest NBA Finals futures and win total over/unders are on this page as well. They are often taken down, so we keep hard copies. That way you can go back and compare which teams’ odds have moved up and down.

Using the NBA Betting Lines to Your Advantage

While the primary focus of this page is to keep you up to date with the point spreads, it’s also a great handicapping tool.

One useful feature is “Bet %.” This tool lets you know what percentage of wagers are being placed on each side of a specific matchup. It’s a great way for getting a feel on where the public money is coming in. Just remember it’s only a percentage of the number of bets, not the amount wagered on each side.

We also provide the opening line for all games, which you can find under the section listed “Opener.” This makes it easy to track line movement and spot reverse line moves (when line moves opposite of Bet %).

Finally, we provide odds from several of the most reputable sportsbooks on the internet. This lets you spot which book is offering the best line or total for the game you are looking to bet. If you aren’t signed up at more than one sportsbook, I recommend doing so.

How to Beat the NBA Point Spreads

Another aspect that this page provides is the “Picks” section. This lists the premium picks available for purchase from one of our top experts on a game.

One of our pro basketball handicappers could have a free selection posted on one of today’s games. Just visit our NBA free pick section to see if there are any available plays published now.

We also have special page dedicated to helping new bettors understand how wagering on this sport works. Are you having a difficult time understanding the numbers that you see? Head on over to our betting guide for an in-depth breakdown of all the wagers you can make.

Already familiar with odds, but struggling to pick winners? We have you covered as well. Our handicapping page provides great tips and resources to help you get on the right track.

If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email at [email protected]