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Live Canadian Football League (CFL) Betting Lines & Future Odds

A lot of people think they have to wait until late August or early September to start betting on some meaningful football games. That’s not the case at all. The Canadian Football League, also known as the CFL, starts in late June and runs until early November. While there’s currently only nine teams, the regular season spans 20 weeks and there’s another 3-week playoffs that ends with the championship game (Grey Cup) in late November.

This page is your one stop spot for the latest CFL future odds, as well as individual game point spreads and totals. As far as betting on Canadian Football, it’s no different than that of placing a wager on college football or the NFL.

You won’t have any problem betting on the CFL in Vegas, but a lot of local books might not be willing to take any action on it. If that’s the a problem you run into, most online books put out odds. I personally recommend having an online book to work with, as you are only going to increase profits by having multiple books to shop around for the best lines.

How to Profit Against the CFL Spreads & Totals

One of the common mistakes that people make is they think the CFL is very similar to the NFL. While their are some similarities, NFL handicapping is on a whole different level.  rule differences and the fact that there does seem to be more of a talent gap than in other leagues.  The difference in talent can lead to both larger point spreads and higher totals.

First thing you need to do is get accustmed to the rule differences than what you see on Sunday’s in the NFL. You also need to understand that there is often a bigger talent gap from top to bottom.  The difference in talent can lead to both larger point spreads and higher totals.

Home field advantage appears to be a bigger factor in CFL betting than some other sports.  That doesn’t mean just load up on home teams without thinking about it. It does mean that you should take special notice of how many points a team is getting or giving at home. That will make it easier to find some lines to exploit.

More than anything, you should let our CFL experts do the dirty work for you. Check out our Canadian Football premium picks and watch your bankroll grow this season.