Below are the current available odds to bet on baseball today. Betting MLB is a little different than the other major sports. Where leagues like the NBA and NFL use a point spread, the most common way to bet on baseball is with the money line, which is what is listed below. Baseball bettors commonly use the money line because the margin of victory is typically small, so simply picking the outright winner makes more sense. This doesn’t come without a cost, however. Some teams are still favored over others, meaning you will need to risk more on them. For a more in-depth explanation of how money lines work, check our beginners guide to betting.

You can also check our World Series odds page to view what the latest futures were and how they have changed recently.  Our MLB win totals show what Vegas expected each team’s record to be before the season started.

All games will include the “Time” (scheduled start time) and “#” (rotation number). This makes it easy for you note your plays before heading up to the betting window.

MIA – A. Puk-L
CHC – J. Taillon-R
7:40 PM
8 +100
7½ -117
7½ -115
7½ -115
8 +110
8 +105
7½ -115
OFFOFF7½ -117
ARI – R. Nelson-R
SFO – L. Webb-R
9:45 PM
8 -105
8 +103
8 +100
8 +100
8 +102
8 +100
8 +101
OFFOFF8 +103

How to Use Our Baseball Odds for Handicapping

Knowing how to use the MLB lines to your advantage is a big step in the right direction for winning more money.

Our best features for handicapping are “Bet %” and “Opener.”

Bet % factors in the number of bets placed on each side and is not a direct reflection of the amount of money wagered. Opener shows you where the betting line started. With these tools, you can get a good idea of which side is receiving the big action. Just watch which direction the line has moved from the opener.

When a team is receiving a high majority of the Bet %, you would expect the line to move in that direction. That’s not always the case. Many times the line will move in the opposite direction. This often indicates that more bets are going on one side, but larger bets are going on the other. This is known as a reverse line movement in the betting industry.

Additional Help

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