Understanding How Our Live Odds Feed Works

Make sure you are up to date with today’s betting lines. This page will list all available lines for the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAAB and NCAAF.

For football and basketball, the primary display will show the point spread and the total. For hockey and baseball, we display the money line of the favorite along with the total of the game.

You also have the option of switching the view to show only one sport. Just click on the drop-down box at the top of the page and select the sport you are interested in.

There are some added features to visiting a specific page. These pages will list the spreads and totals for today’s games. They will also show any available lines for the following day. You will also be able to see the price of the underdog, as well as the run/puck line.

Tools for Betting Tonight’s Vegas Moneylines, Spreads & Totals

This page does more than just inform you of today’s betting lines. You have easy access to both the start times and rotation numbers for each game. It shows the opening line for each matchup below the title “Opener.” You can also see a consensus from all the books under “SC Odds”

There’s also a great handicapping tool in the main display. I’m confident it will help you in the long-run.

“Bet %” shows the percentage of bets being placed on each side of a matchup. Not to be confused with the amount of money being wagered. It’s simply a percentage of the total number of bets.

Teams receiving a high majority (60% or more) of wagers are typically a result of a lot of public action. That’s not always the case, but it’s a good rule of thumb. The public tends to lose more than they win, so these might be games you want to avoid if possible.

It’s important to note that this page updates every 15 minutes. That allows you to stay on top of any line movement.

How to Use Our Experts Advice to Profit on Today’s Betting Lines

Want to buy premium picks from one of our experts on today’s betting lines? You can do so right from this page. Check out the “Picks” section listed in the far right column. It shows the number of plays currently available for purchase on that specific game.

Not quite ready to buy a package from one of the top handicappers? Several of our experts provide free advice on a daily basis.  I would say we have the best free picks on the Internet, simply because our cappers are so good, to begin with.

New to betting on sports and looking for help understanding how to read the information on this page? I recommend taking a look at our sports betting guide. It gives an in-depth explanation of the different types of wagers you can make and how wagering works.

I’m also aware that there are several of you are looking to improve your handicapping skills. For help on how to start beating the books, head over to our basic handicapping tip sheet. Be sure to check out our individual sports pages for even more handicapping tools.

Need help or have any questions that you would like to have answered? Feel free to contact me via email at jimmy@boydsbets.com.