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NASCAR fans seem to be a very biased group.  They absolutely love their favorite driver, dislike the rest, and really hate one particular driver whom they see as their driver’s nemesis.

However, if you are going to bet successfully on NASCAR races, you are going to have to put your biases aside. If you want to throw twenty dollars on your favorite driver just to tie your interest in with his, that’s no big deal. But if you’re looking to really make some gains, you should throw your biases out the door and take who actually has the best chance to win.

Prop betting is one of my favorite forms of betting these races as it gives you numerous betting options to allow you to really enjoy the event on multiple levels. When our staff releasees their weekly NASCAR articles they will give a few of the best bets on the race, including who they feel is going to win.

NASCAR betting is growing right along with the popularity of the sport and it’s taking the nation by storm. And what is there not to love? Every time there is a big Sunday race, fans get out the food and beer and have a good ole time cheering on their favorite drivers. Nascar has especially become increasingly popular, I think, because the talent of the drivers is at an all time high and fans love to watch this new form of ultra-risky driving.

If you have never watched a NASCAR event, you should make a point to go to your local sports bar and do so. My guess is, you won’t miss another race after that one.