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Our Expert Review of Top Sports Handicapper John Ryan

John Ryan is a handicapper for the digital era. He doesn’t go on gut instinct or “feel” like a lot of handicappers. In fact, his philosophy works to leave human emotion completely out of the equation.

That’s why his system relies on a custom set of algorithms and prediction models. The idea is to maximize long-term profit by using trends the same way one would analyze the stock market.

This is an unorthodox way of going about sports handicapping, to be sure. There isn’t anybody who has success with it quite the same way as John. But he swears by the system, and it’s easy to see why.

Right now, John and his computer are riding streaks of $1,000 to $2,000 in five categories. Which five? His top picks in college basketball and football, MLB, all sports, and NFL preseason.

John he has several accolades for season-long accomplishments as well. He has a couple dozen top 10 finishes across all the major sports leagues. That includes a #1 finish in football, and a couple #2 finishes in NHL capping. In 2009, he finished #2 in both NFL and college football picks, bringing in a combined $2,940 that year.

One of the benefits to a computer-based system is that there’s no room for bias. As a result, John’s picks tend to be a bit contrarian. Don’t be surprised to find him picking against a powerhouse or a long winning streak. All trends revert to the mean – finding the sweet spot of when it does is where the money is.

That’s what John is looking to find, and given his profitable history, it seems he has success with it.

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